I was tasked with designing a logo for a new video series entitled The Tech Race, looking at the latest technical changes and updates to Formula 1 cars at each race. The final design was inspired by the shape of a F1 car’s nose and front wing, composed in the form of a capital ‘T’ shape.

Initial ideas

To start off, I thrashed out as wide of a variety of ideas I could come up with, from simple plain text to full coloured logo plates and everything in between.

Round 2

Once one of the designs was chosen as the favourite, I played around with composition, colour and font work to develop the logo further.

Finalising the design

To really make sure the team was happy with the final product, I took all their preferences from the previous rounds and created a final batch of designs to help visualise the different options.

Final design

Once the options were laid out, there was a clear winner.  Work then began on outputting assets and creating an animated intro for the show.

Animated intro

For the animated intro, I wanted the logo to be ‘drawn on’ as if it were a technical illustration, yet be short in duration so to not lose the interest of the viewer.