Logo design is an essential part of branding and identity creation. A logo can convey the message, values and personality of a business or organization in a simple and memorable way. In this post, I’ll be sharing the logo design I created for the website quintboa.com.

Initial Ideas

The brief gave a lot of creative freedom to design the logo, as long as it consisted of a Q and a B. I mocked up 4 pages of logo designs and variations, keeping them all monotone for this initial stage, to give the client a feel of which direction they would like the logo to head in.


Adding movement and colour

Once the client was happy with the logo design, my next task was to explore animation and colour. Since there were no brand colours in place at the time, I was again allowed to explore a wide range of options.

The animated logo was designed and created with the monochrome logo

Once the animated version of the logo was finalised, it was simply a matter of trying out various colour combinations.

Finalising the design

Once the colour scheme was decided upon, a few more tweaks were made to the final design before publishing it to the website.

See it in action at www.quintboa.com