Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough talk F1 tech

The Tech Race was a show delivering F1 tech insights from each race in the season to millions of fans around the world. What began as a solo venture in 2015 grew into a successful partnership with Motorsport Network in 2017, where it became the flagship content for their online platforms.

Building the cars in 3D

Each Formula 1 car featured on the show was meticulously modelled and textured by hand in Maya using only photo reference from press launch photos and media packs. The 3D car models would then be updated before each race according to the technical upgrades to real cars.

Solving Problems

The primary hurdle after capturing the reference imagery and writing the story was how to build, animate and render a 1-minute video in less than a day. Following extensive research into rendering options, Element 3D was the perfect solution, enabling near real-time rendering of 3D objects within AE. The advantage of this solution is VFX, motion graphics and multi-language captioning could all be produced within After Effects, saving valuable production time. Now, instead of rendering requiring hours overnight, multiple versions could be pushed out in a matter of minutes, making it possible to react to last-minute updates and amendments.

Branding and Logo Design

I was also in charge of the logo design and intro sequence for the series. If you’re interested in viewing the full journey on how I got to the final design, exploring the inspirations and decisions that went into shaping the branding of the series, you can check out the whole story via the link below.


The Tech race series was a big success for the Autosport YouTube channel, earning a sharp increase in subscribers and millions of views.

Sky Sports F1

In 2019 Sky Sports, the leading Formula 1 global broadcaster, reached out regarding the usage of our tech videos in their programming. We were able to supply them with content as part of their race preview package, hosted by lead commentator and ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle.