For the launch of the new Europass website, we were commissioned by the European Commission to create a promotional video introducing the new job-seeking platform. I was thrilled to take on the role of Art Director and be the main creator behind this project which combined 2D and 3D animation, along with motion graphics, all within an origami-inspired visual direction. It would turn out to be the company’s most successful campaign to date in their 20+ years of producing film and animation work.

Concept Development: From Idea to Execution

The idea for the Europass promo video started with a simple thought – show how Europass helps people move and grow in their careers. The origami look and folding theme came from Europass’s angular shapes in their branding. The theme symbolizes the idea of shaping your future and unveiling new opportunities, akin to transforming a plain sheet of paper into a masterpiece, much like how a CV can evolve into a rewarding career.

Storyboarding: Crafting the Visual Narrative

Before breathing life into the video, a detailed storyboard served as the project’s roadmap. This essential step allowed us to plan and visualize every scene, ensuring the narrative would unfold seamlessly. To better the client’s understanding of the final output, I took the extra step of illustrating the storyboard in full color. This colorful rendition not only brought the storyline to life but also provided the client with a vivid preview of how the video’s visual elements, animations, and origami-inspired aesthetics would work to create a captivating and engaging experience. It was a crucial part of the collaborative process, ensuring everyone was on the same page and excited about the project’s potential.

Animation and Motion Graphics: Bringing the Concept to Life

The magic happened when I started bringing my origami-inspired concept to life with animation. The folding and unfolding sequences were key, giving the video a sense of change and dynamism.

In addition to the visual elements, I knew that the audio would be equally important. The client specifically requested lively music with a strong beat to complement the dynamic visuals. The rhythm and energy of the music perfectly synced with the folding sequences, creating an engaging experience for the viewer. The match between the visuals and the music truly brought the video to life and made it a standout success.

Results and Success

From this initial 30 second video, alternative versions were created and over the course of Europass’s opening week, it acheived millions of views, proof that a successful concept and great visual storytelling can make a big impact.

This has been our most successful campaign to date and on record for the European Union, achieving 2 million views on two of the promotional videos.