We were tasked to create a series of videos to be shown as part of an airline executive’s conference in Dubai called Altitude 22, hosted by Amadeus to discuss innovative ideas across sectors such as technology, marketing, payment, consultancy and scenario planning.

My role was to establish the style and create some initial styleframes to inspire the client. I then illustrated the storyboards for each video and oversaw the art direction across the project.

Olivia Lee

This is my original storyboard of one of the videos where we follow a consumer process of a traveler named Olivia Lee, and her experience of a smooth and convenient trip to Dubai, thanks to the various technological innovations that enhanced her journey. From booking and sharing the details of her flight and hotel online, to checking in with facial recognition and boarding with biometric scanning at the airport, Olivia enjoys a hassle-free and secure travel process.

Altitude 22

Amadeus held its Altitude 22 event in person from Dubai for the first time since before the pandemic, which was attended by over 300 delegates across 75 airlines and 12 partners. Altitude 22 is an event for airline executives to discuss and dissect this new era for our industry, to reinvent how we can do things in order to renew travel.